Hi, I’m Péter Polgár and this is the Albatross Music Lab.

The Albatross Records brand has been my passion project since my first album. Since 2008 I have published numerous independent albums that you can check out for yourself on this website and on Soundcloud. My goal with composing has always been storytelling, including both classical and mainstream pieces.

"What is music for? – If something is so utterly painful or deeply beautiful, that words cannot express it, than there’s always music to do just that”

– Somewhere in Europe – Hungarian film, 1948

Finding and developing my sound has led me to film scores. My love for movies has accompanied me throughout my whole life, and now I have the tools to tell stories via music. For me it is a great pleasure to transcend a character’s drama or the magical atmosphere of a scene. As silence is an essential part of music, so is music an essential part of film.

“Film scores start, when the scripts finish. A composer has to understand the movie and translate it into music. Music is conversation. Questions and answers.“

– Hans Zimmer

Every story has music, if you are interested in common creation and finding that music with my help, do not hesitate to contact me.

Peter Polgár
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