Here you can see my film music works. Albatross Music Lab is a brand under which I make my soundtracks that mix classical sound and electronic music. Since Albatross Records was founded in 2008, finding their own unique voice has been the way to go. I’ve always wanted to tell stories with music. These included serious and more naive pieces. He loved the movies that accompanied me throughout my life and now he has given me the tools to tell stories in music. It’s a huge experience for me to convey the drama of a character or the feeling of the charm of a venue. Just as silence is part of the music, so is the soundtrack of the film.

“Why music? “That if something hurts so much, or is so very, very beautiful that it can’t be said very much, you can tell it in music.” – 1948 – Somewhere in Europe, Hungarian film

“The soundtrack starts when the script ends. The composer needs to understand the film and translate it into music. The music, the conversation. Questions and answers.” – Hans Zimmer

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